Value of Standards

Standards Benefit Calculator

A free and simple tool to help you estimate the benefits of standards for your business.

The tool is divided into two estimators. The first, using data collected in 2015 about the economic contribution of standards, will help you to estimate how using standards could benefit your business financially. The second, using data collected by BSI over 3 years will allow you to see how using specific types of standards could improve other aspects of your business, from improved customer satisfaction, internal business confidence and reputation to reduced operational risk.

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Financial Benefit Estimation

Using data about the financial return on investment of standards to business sectors in the UK, this tool is able to make an estimate of the financial benefit to your business of investing in and implementing standards.

By providing certain financial figures about your business, the tool will estimate the potential change in these indicators after implementing standards.

If you would like to know out more you can find the source data for this estimator, and a full report by CEBR here.


Business Benefit Estimation

BSI has conducted customer surveys over the past 3 years on how businesses feel standards have impacted their business. Customers were asked if they agreed or disagreed with 15 statements about how implementing standards had benefited them.

Using data from over 15,000 responses this tool will estimate the likelihood of your response to each of those 15 statements, if you implemented the selected type of standard. The tool is able to adjust its estimations depending on your business sector and also incorporates up-to-date UK economic data to adjust estimations for the current economic environment.

Quality management

Help companies achieve cost effective and quality assurance methods through a system of continual improvement

e.g ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS), ISO 13485 QMS for medical device industry, ISO 16949 QMS for automotive industry

Health & safety

Set out systems for health and safety management and the minimisation of operational risk

e.g OHSAS 18001 Occupational health & safety, BS ISO 31000 Risk management, BS 5839 Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings

Construction & Technical

Set out the technical characteristics of a product or a production process, allowing efficient application and replication

e.g BS 7671 Requirements for electrical installations BS EN 1090 Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures

Environment & Sustainability

Enable companies to identify and control their environmental impact and improve their environmental performance

e.g ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

Code of practice

Provide best practice guidelines in the implementation of a process or procedure

e.g BS 5266 Code of practice for the emergency escape lighting of premises


Provide systems for the effective management of specific functions within organisations

e.g ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management

Organisational governance

Provide guidance on effective structures and practices for the governance of organisations

e.g BS 13500 Code of practice for delivering effective governance


Each chart shows the percentage likelihood your business would 'Agree', 'Neither agree nor disagree' or 'Disagree' with the associated statement. We have selected the top 3 statements you are most likely to agree with. You can view data for all 15 statements by pressing the button below.


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Mouse-over or tap chart segments to see exact percentages